Affordable, Long-Lasting Pool Fencing Solutions

We custom manufacture a removable mesh pool fencing system and solid safety pool covers. Both pool safety solutions are designed to provide a protective barrier for babies, toddlers and young children around swimming pools or balconies. Whilst there is no substitute for adult supervision, a pool fence with a self closing gate is the most user friendly, primary barrier of protection against paediatric drowning.

We are proud to create employment by manufacturing locally AND are committed to providing you with quality products, workmanship and service excellence. Our gallery helps to show why we are known as the pool safety retro-fit specialists.

Solid safety pool covers are multi-functional but usually require 2 people to fit and remove. Lying above the water using poles and ratchets, pool safety covers also help keep water clean, warm, full and dark with less algae growth. Pool safety covers and fencing both carry a 3 year warranty. Various pool fence and pool cover colour options are available.

For drought reasons and families without toddles, we supply unsafe 500 micron dome bubble pool solar blankets which stop 95% of evaporation and increase the water temperature by 6 -8 degrees. Solar blanket pool covers lie on top of the water, bubble down. Roller stations are recommended. 

To help you make a more informed decision we invite you to view an existing pool fence, safety cover or solar blanket in your area. We ensure that our customers are fully informed as to what options will suit their pool safety requirements. 3 Pool fences and pool safety covers are on display in Cape Town.

  • Tokai – Pool City, Main road opposite McDonalds
  • Hout Bay – Pool Savers, Mainstream Shopping Centre
  • Table View – Pool Doctor, just off Marine Circle in Porterfield road

Please estimate the total pool fence length or pool size for a cover and view the Price list. Quotes are free. Digital communication channels help save all parties time. 

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It is every pool owner’s responsibility to ensure their swimming pool is safe. For complete peace of mind please consider fitting one of our removable mesh pool fences or solid safety pool covers. We don’t install pool nets or covers with eyelets and hooks.

Removable Safety Pool Fencing

We Manufacture and install a removable mesh pool fencing system, designed to provide a protective
barrier for babies, toddlers and young children around swimming pools.

Pool fences have a black, green or beige edging and are available in a 1.2m or 1.1m height. The internal mesh of our modular pool fence panels always remains black and is see-thru from a distance of 4 or more meters.

Our pool fence system offers an attractive layer of protection that is easy to remove, store away and reinstall. All pool fences carry a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Read More

A price list is available here.


Solid Safety Pool Covers

We manufacture and supply quality solid safety PVC pool covers that are multi functional and available in navy blue or grey colours.

We also supply and install pool covers; ribbed solid safety covers and pool solar blankets. Our modular pool fence system read more is custom manufactured locally after sleeves are installed into the paving, deck or grass.

When installed, they prevent drowning, help to stop evaporation, keep sunlight and dirt out of the pool as well as raise the water temperature by 4 to 7 degrees.

All solid covers have drainage holes to prevent rain water puddles and for the pool water to breathe. These safety pool covers lie above the water (unless kids are playing on the cover) and have an expected lifespan of between 8 to 10 years.

Solid safety pool covers can tolerate weights of up to 80kg. We manufacture locally using a 600 micron PVC specific to pool industry, stainless steel ratchets and 32mm diameter (3mm wall) aluminium poles. Read More…

A price list is available here.

Pool Solar Blankets 

We manufacture and supply quality pool solar blankets. 

Pool solar blankets do present a danger in the home as children and animals may think they can walk on them.

Whilst pool solar covers (blankets) do stop up to 95% of evaporation and raise the water temperature by 6-8 degrees; they are a huge schlep and create a drowning hazard for children and pets. We suggest a roller station.

Be aware that dirt from the cover usually falls into the swimming pool when you remove these unsafe pool blankets.

Pool solar blankets are manufactured using a 500 micron dark blue or light blue, dome bubble plastic. Bubbles lie face down on the water. Read More..


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